News Update: Preparing for the new growing season

What’s Happening

Happy New Year!

It has been a while since our last News Update but we have been very busy.¬† We have re-released our general data/dendrometer device management platform so if you haven’t taken a look¬† yet, head over to the EcoSensorNetwork if interested.

Secondly, we have finished the first iteration of the WiFi version of the dendrometer. This version of the dendrometer directly connects to your WiFi point and uploads data directly to the web. This means no gateway is required. The trade-off, at least in this first version, is battery life and proximity to your WiFi router.

Here we see the main board hosting the WiFly module on the left and the RocketScream Ultra 8mhz 3.3V controller.

Work on battery efficiency will continue on both the WiFi and XBee versions of the dendrometer.

We are also looking forward to the beginning of spring and the first real signs of water movement within the trees. At this point, we have noticed tree stems are actually increasing in size during the day, the opposite of what we see during the growing season. If there is no growth or water movement, could this be just thermal expansion?

On the Technical Side

The new Wifi version of the dendrometer utilizes the RX-XV WiFly module by Roving Networks. This is certainly a cool device. It sports a full on web/ftp server and you communicate with the device directly. Simply boot the device in configuration mode and it creates its own WiFi network. Connect to that network and you can configure the device for your needs. More details and instructions will be posted to shortly.