XBee Radio Settings

In order for the dendrometers to communicate, they must be properly configured. To do so, you need the following:

Because the XBee radio modules act in one of two roles, there are two sets of configurations. One is for the radio attached to the dendrometer, or reporting unit, and the other is attached to the logging unit. For consistency, when referring to the radio in the reporting unit, it will be called the End Device. When referring to the radio in the logging unit, it will be called the Coordinator. This is consistent with XBee documentation.

Before you are able to configure the XBee units, you must update them with the correct function set. Essentially you are providing the hardware with the correct operating software based on the role you wish it to play.

End Device Update

  1. Seat the XBee into the XBee Explorer and plug into your computer’s USB port.
  2. Open the XCTU Utility.
  3. From the menu click: XCTU->Discover radio modules
  4. Ensure a USB port is checked and click Next
  5. On the next screen, click Finish.
  6. Once you see your XBee radio click Add Selected Devices. If it says none are found, repeat the procedure as it sometimes take 2-3 attempts to find your radio.
  7. Click on the radio module in the left side of the application.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Select XBP24BZ7, ZigBee End Device API and 29A7 from the lists and click Update
  10. Supply the following values for the End Device and then click Write
  11. The radio is ready to use.

End Device Update

Use the same procedure above on your other XBee radio module, then start with step 9

  1. Select XBP24BZ7, ZigBee Coorinator API, 21A7 frm the lists and click Update
  2. Supply the following values for the Coordinator and then click Write
  3. The radio is ready to use.

Coordinator Configuration

  • ID: 2000
  • SC: 4000
  • DL: 0
  • AP: 2
  • SP: 898

Be sure to write down the serial number of the Coordinator radio. This is written on the bar code on the back of the radio and is also shown as the MAC value in the XCTU Utility. The number will look like 0013A20040E778BC